Dear NYC resident who is reading this, Your city is amazing. It’s awe-inspiring, creative, trendsetter. It’s beautiful, and ugly too. Something new and crazy is always happening, all the time. Maybe you look at all that as “normal”. But let me tell you: it’s not. When I visit NYC, I feel like I’m in a movie. I should be paying admission just by walking the streets and looking at you, NYC-ites. I hear Seinfeld saying a joke - but not really saying it. I hear Rachel talking to Monica and Phoebe on a couch in a café somewhere cute. I see overpriced items everywhere, from all around the world. When I see something that is familiar to me, I marvel at how you are able to make something trivial look so special. Dear NYC-ite who is reading this, I marvel at your capacity of finding value in things and turning them into sellable products. I have a lot to learn with you. I have something to ask of you, dear NYC-ite who is reading this. Please don’t consider this image yet another illustration of NYC’s skyline. Consider it a homage to the feeling of stepping into a movie every time I visit. It’s a special feeling, and this was a special illustration for me, too, when I sketched it quickly, on my feet. When I stitched it, back at home, I remembered all the emotions I felt when I visited. And that, dear reader, was amazing in itself. Thank you. Hope you like it too.

Ana Ramos-NYC embroidery

Technical Details

  • Camera: Canon PowerShot G12
  • Taken: 27 Jul ’11
  • Focal length: 6mm
  • Aperture: f/2
  • Exposure: 1/25 second
  • ISO: 800

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