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Sketchbook Project 2012









Taking part in the Sketchbook Project is always fun. This year I chose “Travel with me” as theme and started off back in June, on a trip to New York. Some sketches are from our vacation time in Portugal and others are from different locations here in Panama.

My idea was to concentrate on what I love best: sketching with pen on paper. The watercolour on the details was something that I have been doing on the zines as well – I find that I like the sketches a bit coloured, not totally coloured.

I hope you like it!

You can see more images here.

Dancing babies

dança dos kimonos
I´m designing a set of postcards for abbrigate* to convey the message that our garments are so durable and resistant that they´ll be in perfect shape to be given to someone else even after your baby has overused them and eventually outgrown them. I wrote about it here, in abbrigate*´s blog.

Talking about the illustration, though, I had so much fun coming up with the concept: I thought about “forwarding” and “pass it forward”, and then I needed an image to illustrate it. I remembered then how much I loved Henri Matisse´s representations of dancers holding hands and how using his idea and composition would be a homage paid to one of the artists I admire the most. Thinking about this painting, La Danse, I imagine huge amounts of good energy flowing through the dancers´ arms and hands into one another.

I believe that Baby Kimonos, Baby Vestmonos and Leafy Vests may flow too: when your kid has outgrown a garment, pass it forward to the next kid. Environmentally safe and financially sound!

Azulejo inspired

Lots of things have been going on in the last couple of weeks, starting, of course, with our move to Panamá City, where we´re located right now.

All my art supplies are in boxes so I´m having fun with the limited choice I have right now: watercolours and watercolour pencils.

Sometime soon more regular posting will resume, but for now, I´ll go back to settling down and unpacking. Thanks for stopping by!

Tortuosos são os caminhos da mente

This is a watercolour I made for a friend. She is a psychologist and it is meant to be hung on a wall in her clinic. The title, in portuguese, means “mind´s ways are tortuous”.

It´s watercolour and hand sewing on watercolour paper.


Esta é uma aguarela feita para oferecer a uma amiga psicóloga, para o seu consultório.

É aguarela sobre papel de aguarela, com uma parte costurada à mão.