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My patterns on fabric

My patterns!

My patterns!

My patterns!

Remember my “September, month of Patterns” project? You, my lovely readers, were fantastic giving me input all month-long and helping me make a selection to have printed on fabric.

The first batch of patterns is already up over at my Spoonflower shop.

I had a little problem with my local mail service and the wonderful Spoonflower team immediately rushed a new set of swatches to me, at no extra cost. They were fantastic, quick to respond, exceeded all my expectations in service and also quality. (Thank you, Spoonflower, you guys rock!)

So, head on over to my Spoonflower shop for some alternative holiday shopping! And: would you like to see more patterns for sale? On different surfaces? Would you like to see wrapping paper, wall decals? Thank you for your feedback!

Etsy shop now open + behind the scenes







Yesterday I opened my new etsy shop. Last week, I marked some of my pieces in my Behance portfolio as “for sale”. And am currently working to open my Spoonflower shop, so I can sell my designs there.

This has been quite the logistical operation here, as you can imagine. A few months ago I came to the realization that I was working a lot by publishing a monthly issue of my zine. I wanted – and still want – to share it for free; but I do need to monetize my efforts in some other way.

I remembered reading other bloggers’ posts debating the same questions and understood that these are growing pains many of us share. We do want to keep creating content that is fresh, new and distributed for free; but we want to see our work rewarded financially. How do we do that?

I have to say that I don’t have clear answers yet, so I turned to a designer, crafter, blogger that I very much admire, Patricia Zapata of A Little Hut. We exchanged some e-mails and with her guidance I found myself reworking – and test embroidering – some of my illustrations into embroidery patterns. As a start, I released two car patterns, but I want to increase this collection very soon.

After a lot of research, I found that most of the embroidery patterns available for purchase have a “cute” angle that I didn’t want to adopt. I wanted something closer to the spontaneity of a sketch, something like an embroidered translation of the visual language you can see in my zine.

I hope you like visiting my etsy shop and purchase a pattern or two. I thank you all for the support and help in spreading the word. Are there any illustrations you would like to see transformed into embroidery patterns?

Shop update and other thoughts


Spent most of my day updating the abbrigate* online shop with four new hand-knitted cowls.

I´m currently working on three major projects, plus some others that, at this point, are satellital. I like switching between them, so as not to get tired of one specific task… but sometimes juggling gets hard and it feels like my attention is a bit scattered.

How do you prefer to work? One project at a time? Several?

On holidays!

Passport in my hand and I´m ready to go!

I´ll be away on holidays in Australia between tomorrow and April 25th. All shop orders received during this time will be processed and shipped upon my return to Buenos Aires.

Oh, I can´t believe we´re going there, yay!


Estarei de férias entre amanhã e o dia 25 de Abril. Todas as encomendas na minha loja serão processadas e enviadas após o meu regresso a Buenos Aires.

Já falta mesmo pouco, viva!

Thank you cards

thank you

I´ve been working on a series of “thank you” cards for my shop, all done with cut paper illustrations. I´m loving this tecnhique more and more every single time I do it! It´s still a bit hard on my shoulders and neck but the results are so satisfying that I want to keep cutting more and more paper.

More photos here (more will be added to this set as I upload them).


Nos intervalos do “outro” trabalho que tenho estado a fazer (de design gráfico, para clientes), estive a fazer uma série de ilustrações em papel cortado para um novo conjunto de postais para colocar brevemente à venda na minha loja. Cada vez estou a gostar mais de usar a técnica do recorte em papel para ilustrações: por um lado, é o facto de ser uma linguagem minimalista, com apenas duas cores (a do fundo e a do papel); por outro, o facto de poder ter uma expressão de traço bastante rudimentar, por ser cortado com x-acto. Apesar das dores nos ombros e no pescoço com que fico quando faço uma nova ilustração, cada dia estou mais feliz com esta técnica!

Mais fotografias deste conjunto de cartões aqui.

Shop now open! | Loja online

01_leafy garden

My shop is now officially open here. It is now stocked with a couple of products but will soon add some more products. There´s a button that will take you there, too, right there, on the right hand side column, for those of you reading this on a RSS reader.

Whew, this is weird – and good! I hope you enjoy.

If you wish to see more images of the products featured:
Four seasons cards
Leafy garden cards

Thank you for your visit!


A minha loja online está oficialmente aberta! Coloquei aqui na coluna à direita um botão que leva para lá.

Na loja estão dois conjuntos de postais. Para quem quiser ver mais fotografias do que as que aparecem na montra virtual, aqui vão os respectivos links:
Four seasons cards
Leafy garden cards

Obrigada pela visita!