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On my desk

My Wednesday “on my desk” post is actually on Thursday. This has been such a hectic week, and after having busy weekends with friends visiting or travelling to visit friends, days go by without my having time to even post.

I´ve been working on several new design projects for a very good client and that has been filling my days up completely. Whenever I´m waiting for an answer via email, I frame some of the papercuts that I did during the last few months and knit a few more stitches on my very first sock (top-down; I started one toe-up but had a bit of trouble reading the instructions and unfortunately can´t find videos about it…). It´s also my first time knitting with dpn´s and I´m just trying to get hang of it.

See the tea? There it is, as usual!

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On my desk

The days after coming back from Bolivia have been very busy with work. It´s all related with graphic design and until they´re published it´s the usual thing: no blogging about it.

To distract me a bit from all the computer work I´m revisiting some old papercuts I did that are waiting to be framed and hung. There´s also my knitting project at the moment: a small one because at this point my mind cannot bear anything too complicated.

I must say that I´m happy for being commissioned with all these projects but I certainly miss the time spent illustrating (or papercutting, for that matter), away from the computer. It makes me feel… well, more fulfilled, maybe?

As a soundtrack, I´m enjoying listening to this podcast whenever “Once” (its original soundtrack) isn´t playing on a loop.

On my desk

On my desk today, apart from the usual likes of computer and tablet (lots of design work going on) some sketches for an illustration. I love playing with inks and color and must confess myself as a color rookie. It isn´t easy for me to combine colors so I must compensate with lots of playing. It relaxes me and then I can finally do something – when I am relaxed and not thinking about the results, that´s when results are best.

There´s tea, as usual, and some music: Ocean´s Thirteen Original Soundtrack. I also listened to the commentary to Portugal´s match against Czech Republic (glad we won!).

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On my desk today

On my desk today? Tea! I don´t know what I´d do without it. Well, it´s a rooibos infusion with orange and cinammon, but to keep it simple I just say “tea”. I love to drink it all year round but when it´s cold outside it tastes better.

Also on my desk: my week planner. After coming back from Bolvia on Monday I´ve had too much to do and too little time to actually plan – it now works as a “to-do list”. And I still prefer to write things down than having a little computer application with little noises. There´s nothing like ticking (with a real pencil) a done item, right? (Yes, I´m old-fashioned and tecnhology-impaired…)

Some quick sketches made in Bolivia and german class exercises. I had an oral presentation today and somehow feel that I am in “post-presentation” mode: I feel that rush of having accomplished a mission. I´m happy about it.

The rest of the work I´m on right now is basically computer based. Some doodles will be necessary in the next few minutes. I just love the doodling part.

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On my desk today

Sometimes I feel I play tetris with my time. Sometimes it works well; sometimes I forget what I was doing previously.

While I´m waiting for an approval from a client to arrive via e-mail, I knit a few more stitches into my “almost-ready” sweater. It really is almost ready and I´m a few rows short from finishing the collar. Then there´s the sewing (which wasn´t as dreadful as I thought it would be when I sewed the shoulder) and then the wearing part, which i´m really looking forward to.

On my desk there´s also a bowl of cooked chestnuts. Although there´s a lot of chestnut trees here in Argentina, it is not very common here to eat the chestnuts themselves. The owner of the grocery shop, of italian descent, told me they used to eat them there too. In Portugal, autumn means “castanhas”, either boiled (with salt and anise seeds) or roasted, so I tried to have a bit from home here. And they´re quite tasty.

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On my desk

On my desk today some silkscreen print proofs I´m reviewing. It´s a set of postcards that will soon be available at my shop. Things take a while to get ready here and the fact that I´m actually looking at prints is making me happy already. Let´s hope that soon enough it will be the final prints – those will definitely stay for a while on my desk and then hopefully on many other desks.

Today is also tax-day and social security-day and there´s the (decreasing) pile of to-dos waiting for me.

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P.S. Watched “Dan in real life” on Monday and totally loved it. I rewatched some of the scenes on Tuesday. Sadly I had to return it, but I hope that more people enjoy it as I did.

On my desk

My desk is an improvised one this week. We´re having friends visiting from Portugal, so I schlepped some of my stuff to the dining/living room and am currently working on the dining table. It feels good to have a scenery change sometimes.

On my desk there´s some mock-up business cards I´m developing for a client, my sweater (I´m a slow but happy knitter: I´m almost finishing my second sleeve – one more to go and then there´s the sewing and blocking part! Can anyone give me any hints on blocking, please?) and, on the screen, a bit of an illustrated children´s book I´m illustrating for a friend. I just finished all the spreads so now we´re going for corrections. Yay!

Not on my desk, but certainly listening to it: Rodrigo Leão´s beautiful soundtrack for a documentary broadcasted on portuguese TV, about Portugal. It´s called “Portugal, um retrato social” and you can see more info about the documentary here, if you feel like it (I´m afraid it´s in portuguese, though). Language won´t be a problem if you wish to listen to the music.

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On my desk

Sorry, “on my desk” visitors. There´s such a huge mess on my desk, the kind of deadline-mess you have probably experienced before. Or not.

ETA: I once received a compliment about how tidy my desk was. I don´t want to disappoint my dear readers!

On my desk

It´s Wednesday again (it´s amazing how time flies!) and it´s on my desk day.

Wednesday is also german class day and this semester I´m taking it specially serious (well…) because there´s an exam in July. I´m reading in german, listening to podcasts in german, watching some TV in german… sometimes I even think and dream in german, which means that somehow the inmense amount of vocabulary is slowly sinking in.

There are also two other books on my desk: Illustrating Children´s Books by Martin Salisbury (a present from a friend who came to visit) and Kim Hargreaves´ Heartfelt book. Both are “eye-candy-sort-of-book” and I´ve been keeping them close to take a look at them every now and then.

It´s time to get back to work and put some more things on my desk.

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On my desk

Well, it isn´t exactly on my desk. It´s spread on the floor and it´s the product of last monday´s acryilic paint workshop. It consisted of five quick poses, ten minutes each and I´m growing to love this exercise because it just brings things out of your system, without you even noticing.

It´s open on the floor for me to look at it because I´m actually proud of the progress I´m making: slow but steady progress. I´m thinking about what i can do with it. I don´t just know yet.

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On my desk

It´s already Thursday and, once again, I´m a day late blogging about what´s on my desk. Wednesdays are half-work days for me because I have german class the whole morning. One wouldn´t believe how much energy the class drains out from me. Don´t get me wrong, I love to study german and being in class is, despite of tiring, very… (I´m lacking the words here!) every entertaining and interesting and engaging. Yes, maybe that´s the engaging part of it that takes so much energy.

When I get back from german class I only have half a day to go through with projects and the daily chores, so I guess that blogging just comes after all that.

Well, so here´s what was on my desk yesterday: a new papercut (I can´t show more of it just yet because it´s a birthday present) and the usual stuff: my tablet, loads of water, loads of magazines, well, you know what I mean with “loads of”. Basically, what looks clear is just the cutting board!

See you next Wednesday and make sure to check out other desks via Kootoyoo.

Yesterday there was nothing on my desk

Yesterday was a holiday here so I didn´t even turn the computer on. I spent most of the day reading and knitting. And then watching a movie. And that was it. I love it when I can laze like that and holidays in the middle of the week are the absolute perfect excuse.

Maybe my knitting will show up later on my desk. And I´m very happy about the reading part too: I´m reading a book in german, and so far so good! I thought it would be a bit more difficult but at this point I didn´t have to check the dictionary every third word. I don´t understand each and every word, but, then again, I don´t have to.

I still have german homework to do as this semester we´re preparing ourselves for an exam and our teacher gives us lots of material to review and study. That´s good, it´s like gymnastics for the brain. And knitting is like yoga for the brain.

Oh, I love holidays!


Ontem foi feriado cá na Argentina. Aproveitei a pausa da semana para ler, ler, ler e tricotar, tricotar e tricotar. Sou principiante no tricot e portanto ainda perco algum tempo a adaptar as instruções da revista às minhas medidas, a ajustar a tensão da linha, etc etc. Mas divirto-me!

No campo das leituras, estou a ler um livro em alemão, no âmbito da preparação que temos de fazer este semestre para o exame que se avizinha. Ler em alemão não é inédito para mim, mas também não é totalmente evidente. Apesar de tudo, está a ser mais fácil do que pensava e estou a gostar da história do livro.

Valham-nos os feriados à quarta-feira para uma bela pausa no meio da semana. Sabe tão bem!