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Issue 26 of “We’re in Panama!” is here!

We´re in Panama, issue 26

Issue 26 of “We’re in Panama!” is here! This issue is about ICON7, the illustration conference that took place last month in Providence, Rhode Island. I have already mentioned it here before but haven’t really been able to write down a full post about my experiences. So… I drew and a new issue was born.

Download your copy here and don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter – I send it out once a month, when a new zine is released.

Have fun! And join us on the celebration of the zine’s second year anniversary by sending your photos reading your copy of “We’re in Panama!”, until August 1st. The best photo will receive a special package on real “snail” mail. You will love it!

Let´s be escapees?

clouds, clouds, clouds

While I draw clouds, clouds and more clouds, I´ve been listening to the wonderful podcast “Escape from Illustration Island” and the interviews its host, Thomas James, conducts.

First of all, let us all thank modern day technology that has me here, sitting alone in my studio, listening to wonderful interviews of people who have been through the same experience as me and also other people who have lots of good information and advice for me.

Then, not only interviewees have interesting testimonials to share, the questions they are asked are very pertinent too. Sometimes it feels like Thomas actually reads minds (or maybe my questions are the same as other people´s?) and asks exactly what I was thinking.

Anyway, this has been an excellent resource for me, specially now that I´ve moved to another country and need to start a new client database here, from scratch.

If you haven´t yet, I encourage you to download “Escape from Illustration Island” now. All in all, very good. Praise to Thomas!

"And the pursuit of happiness", by Maira Kalman

If you haven´t read it yet, do read Maira Kalman´s column on the New York Times, appearing the last friday of every month, named “And the pursuit of happiness”. The theme is the american democracy, and january´s issue is now online here.

With her beautiful paitings, Ms. Kalman´s shows us other perspectives on President Obama Inauguration Day, smaller perspectives, maybe, but probably those that weren´t broadcasted on mainstream media. The simplicity of her images combined with her use of handwritten type result in a clear, to the point, but very, very poetic contribution to depicting the feelings of not only americans but so many of us throughout the world.

More Maira Kalman.


Para quem ainda não sabe, Maira Kalman voltou aos blogs do New York Times, desta feita com uma coluna chamada “And the pursuit of happiness” (uma das frases mais conhecidas da Declaração de Independência dos Estados Unidos), onde pinta e escreve sobre a democracia americana, na última sexta-feira de cada mês.

Na edição de Janeiro, Maira Kalman escreveu (e pintou; ou pintou e escreveu, talvez seja mais rigoroso) sobre o dia da tomada de posse do Presidente Obama, observando pequenas cenas esquecidas pelos meios de comunicação. As suas observações são de uma simplicidade e de um rigor imensos, apesar de se revestirem de uma beleza poética. As cenas que apresenta este mês arrepiam porque não só mostram os sentimentos de muitos americanos como também de tantos não-americanos, que depositam no novo presidente a esperança de um mundo (um pouco) menos belicoso.

Mais Maira Kalman.