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É amanhã | Tomorrow!


Amanhã é o grande dia da inauguração da Attraction Store, uma loja de artesanato urbano português no centro histórico do Porto (Rua Escura, nº 45). É a partir das 16h e quem lá for poderá encontrar postais meus e peças abbrigate*. Não faltem!


If you´re in or around Oporto tomorrow, please stop by the opening of Attraction Store, a project of a friend of mine. Some of my pieces will be available, as well as abbrigate* garments. Don´t miss it!

I´m camera-less...

I´m camera-less. My very faithful, always with me digital camera decided to become an impressionist yesterday, after several long years of hard work. I´m sad because it was a present, I´m sad because I was used to it and loved working with it, and mostly sad because apparently it is a defect that Sony is aware of – and still, it appeared after the warranty expired. Now I don´t want to go into the “big corporation” doesn´t care argument here, as apparently Sony US is repairing cameras for free – if you´re in the US. Here in Argentina I was told a huge, bold no and that I would receive a quotation for the repair.

Anyway, this is one of the pictures my camera took while living its impressionist stage:

So that´s why I´m now relying on my laptop´s camera, which of course isn´t neither the most portable camera in the world nor the best quality ever. But still I´m thankful it exists because that way I can show you the papercut I worked on today. I hope to convert it into a card later this week and add it to my shop as soon as possible (but will need a decent camera to photograph the cards, right?).

Shop now open! | Loja online

01_leafy garden

My shop is now officially open here. It is now stocked with a couple of products but will soon add some more products. There´s a button that will take you there, too, right there, on the right hand side column, for those of you reading this on a RSS reader.

Whew, this is weird – and good! I hope you enjoy.

If you wish to see more images of the products featured:
Four seasons cards
Leafy garden cards

Thank you for your visit!


A minha loja online está oficialmente aberta! Coloquei aqui na coluna à direita um botão que leva para lá.

Na loja estão dois conjuntos de postais. Para quem quiser ver mais fotografias do que as que aparecem na montra virtual, aqui vão os respectivos links:
Four seasons cards
Leafy garden cards

Obrigada pela visita!

Happy birthday! | Parabéns!

The birthday boy and the birthday girl have received their papercut birthday cards and now I can finally publish it.

The text in the tree is the portuguese lyrics that go into the “Happy Birthday” song.

See more images of the final result here and some of the process here.


Os meninos aniversariantes já receberam os seus respectivos postais no correio e, como tal, posso finalmente pôr uma fotografia dos cartões aqui no blog.

Mais uma vez, um papercut (estou a ficar absolutamente viciada…).

Aqui estão mais fotografias dos cartões e do processo todo, desde o esboço até ao produto acabado.

Wedding season

Late summer is probably the best (and preferred) time for couples to get married in Portugal. This year, I designed my cousins´ invitation and related stationery. The main theme was herbs – we use them often to add flavour to our cooking.

(Thank you Guida for the photos!)


Aqui está o convite e restante material desenhado para o casamento dos meus primos, realizado este mês. A temática é a das ervas aromáticas, muito cara aos portugueses em geral e aos alentejanos em particular. E parabéns aos Noivos!

(E obrigada à Guida pelas fotografias!)

Invitation * Convite:

Seating chart * Painel de distribuição de mesas:

Menu * Ementa:

Place card * Marcador de mesa:

Place card * Marcador de mesa: