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Our packaging

Thank you all so much for your reception of our project, it´s been a joy to work on abbrigate* and it is very rewarding to see that you´re enjoying it too.

While we were designing our brand, one of the things we were (and are) really careful about is the way we impact the environment. We went on from seeing what was really necessary to include with our products and rejecting everything that was superfluous. We realized we needed a fabric tag to identify the brand and a paper tag with washing and care instructions. More than that, well, packaging.

Today i want to share with you our packaging and the reasons that led us to choose this instead of a more usual solution.

We went for fabric, instead of paper, because we want to encourage those who buy our products to reuse everything as much as possible and to produce as little garbage as possible. By avoiding the layers and layers of packaging we are contributing to making abbrigate* a sustainable business. Moreover, I think it looks even better than paper wrapping, don´t you?

Any ideas on possible future uses for our packaging? I´m thinking handkerchiefs, tea towels, wrapping for other presents (Christmas wrapping, maybe?). Leave us a comment with your idea and, in the meantime, have a great weekend!


Gracias a todos por la maravillosa recepción que han hecho a nuestro “bebé” abbrigate*! Está siendo una maravillosa aventura y la participación de todos los que nos visitan es parte fundamental de la linda experiencia que estamos teniendo.

Hoy les escribo para contarles sobre el envoltorio que elegimos para nuestros productos. En vez de usar papel, nos decidimos por… tela. Sí! El envoltorio en tela es algo que no es descartable, por lo cual disminuye el impacto que nuestra marca produce en la naturaleza. Nuestra idea es que el envoltorio sea usado, no tirado, dandole una nueva vida.

Hasta ahora pensamos en pañuelos, repasadores, envoltorios para otros presentes (y Navidad ya está por llegar!). Qué opinan? Dejennos sus comentarios y, mientras tanto, les deseamos un buen fin-de-semana!