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New knitting pattern: Mardi Cardi

Once upon a time, I started writing my morning pages, a daily journalling ritual inspired by the book “The Artist’s Way”, by Julia Cameron. A few months later, on rereading my journal entries, I came to the conclusion that I mentioned knitting a lot, and that there was a big surge of knitting creativity inside of me. I started putting to paper a few designs I had in my head and started working on a new cardigan. Slowly, diligently, I began “3D printing” it the old-fashioned way, with knitting needles and yarn.

I finished it, wrote its instructions, had it tech edited and test knitted… and then life happened, I got scared, put my cardigan’s pattern away while exhausted by pregnancy and taking care of a newborn.

At the beginning of 2018, I set the goal of finally publishing this pattern. As scared as I felt of sharing it with the world, I felt more shame of having put so much effort, care and love into a project and not finally setting it free.

So I rolled up my sleeves and finished what I needed to finish: designing the layout of the pattern (I’m a graphic designer, and you know how it goes: “casa de ferreiro, espeto de pau”, as we say in Portuguese), publishing the PDF and setting up a ravelry shop.

I did all that, trying to keep my balance on the bouncy rope of fear of publishing and the shame of not publishing it. And voilà.

The pattern is available in English, on sale on my ravelry shop.

Some features of this cardigan, from its ravelry page:

This is a loose-fitting cardigan with a body that is worked back and forth; starting with the right-front panel, then back panel and finally the left-front panel, all worked in one piece. Sleeves are worked in the round, picking up stitches from the armholes. The overlapping front panels give the garment a drapey front, which can be fastened with a pin (or buttons as per the instructions given in the pattern).

The yarn used is Trianon by Lopo Xavier, a shop located in the beautiful city of Porto, Portugal, that carries its own yarns. It is a light fingering, pure wool yarn that comes in a large assortment of colors and is available online.

Please press here if your interest is piqued or you want to learn more about my Mardi Cardi. Hope you like it!

Looking back at 2017 and looking forward at 2018

I’ve been writing this post in my head for the last few weeks, mostly while nursing my baby girl, who was born on November 25th. As you can imagine, her safe arrival was the highlight of 2017, without a doubt. And so have been the last few weeks, spent in a state of loving hibernation, my heart a constant explosion of joy whenever I am with her and her older sister. After my previous experience, this post-partum period has been exceptionally smooth and joyful.

After this introduction, which could be called “the cherry on top”, let’s get to the muffin, shall we? 2017 was a pretty good year.

January 2017 at the air Embroidery Club
February 2017 at the air Embroidery Club
March 2017 at the air Embroidery Club

Work: In 2017, I had plenty of work to keep me busy. I taught knitting classes at Companhia das Agulhas. This is something I really enjoy, because I meet lots of interesting people. People of all ages come to my classes and everyone has an interesting story to share. Knitting is always more than only knitting: it’s a connection to elders in the family, it’s a therapy, it’s companionship. And those are the stories I like to discover and bring to the table while teaching stitches, increases, decreases.

I also worked at a tech company, AGORA Systems, as a documentation specialist. I organized, created standards and produced documentation for their software, while being integrated in the development team. I learned a lot as I settled in a team where all members were men, mostly younger than me, working within the agile methodology.

At the same time, I freelanced for several clients. I created designs and illustrations for different companies, in different countries. I had a lot of fun creating smartphone ad campaigns with my friend and colleague Joana Paz.

I created twelve new embroidery patterns for the air Embroidery Club, twelve designs that make me happy and proud, and showcase, at least to me, the progress I made during the year. The Club grew as new members joined. Apart from my human babies, the air Embroidery Club is my non-human baby, my creative baby. Seeing it grow and creating community is one of my biggest work-related joys.

Anita no Trabalho, the podcast my friend Eliana and I host together, is also one of my biggest work-related joys. We started the podcast almost two years ago by recording our own conversations about female entrepreneurship. There are several of such podcasts in English, but we knew none in Portuguese, and we wanted to fill that void. It has grown in audience and in scope, and we now have regular conversations with people we both admire about the issues that matter to us. We found out, via comments and feedback from the audience, that these issues matter to our listeners, too, and we couldn’t be happier about the space we have created, where we share experiences and grow together.

April 2017 at the air Embroidery Club
May 2017 at the air Embroidery Club
June 2017 at the air Embroidery Club

For fun: I sketched. My commute to work took one hour, of which 24 minutes were spent in the train. Those 24 minutes became my slice of time for doing things just because. I brought my knitting or my embroidery along for some time, and then I started sketching my fellow commuters. These sketches became one of the most fun exercises I have ever done, mostly because I was doing them just for the sake of it. Not because I was going to use them for a project, but just because I could. And doing things because I can, well, that’s the best.

July 2017 at the air Embroidery Club
August 2017 at the air Embroidery Club
September 2017 at the air Embroidery Club

Personal: I healthily gestated my baby girl and practiced yoga up to two days before giving birth. This pregnancy went by smoothly and diabetes-free. After my first pregnancy, I decided that if I were to be pregnant again, I would be determined to live it with joy, not fear of something going wrong. And so I did. Not that I didn’t know of all the things that could, indeed, go wrong, but because I decided to do so. Yoga and keeping a normal life were a big part of it; stopping work when I decided I should slow down and enjoy the last weeks of my pregnancy was also important. Having an older kid who needed care certainly helped, too.

During the year, I had lots of wonderful moments with family and friends. Our summer vacation took us on a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, and Malmö, Sweden. This trip included a reunion with my dear friend Rebecca, whom I hadn’t seen for… twenty years, maybe?. We enjoyed a lovely Summer day in her hometown, walking by the sea and sightseeing, all these with three young children who seemed to have a lot of fun playing with one another, even if they didn’t speak a common language. When we returned to Portugal, we spent the next two weeks at the beach with family and friends from abroad.

In September, to celebrate my mom’s birthday, the whole family spent a weekend hiking the Passadiços do Paiva. It’s an 8km walkway along the river Paiva, from which one can see a landscape otherwise inaccessible. Gorgeous, and very much worth the visit if you can.

I think that, as we grow older, it gets harder to meet new people and make new friends. However, I have found crafts to be a great catalyst for new friendships, and this year was no exception: I met new people to whom I feel connected and who energize me.

What I lost, and it came quite as a shock to me, to be honest, was my knitting mojo. This surprised me to no end: as soon as I got pregnant, I felt absolutely no desire to knit. I felt even a bit sick. No morning sickness, fortunately, but knitting sickness – oh yes. I kept teaching my knitting classes, as that thankfully didn’t make me sick; but I did not pick up the needles on my ongoing projects for several months. I crocheted a little blanket for my baby, though. My knitting mojo started to creep back in as my second trimester came to a close and Fall started to appear on the calendar. My eldest kid requested I made her and her sister matching sweaters, and I complied, and thus returned my knitting mojo. I’m now looking forward to making new (matching?) sweaters for me and the girls.

October 2017 at the air Embroidery Club
November 2017 at the air Embroidery Club
December 2017 at the air Embroidery Club

Speaking of looking forward, 2018 is the year I turn 40. So far, every new decade has been better than the previous one. This has been true for the last two decades and I want it to be true for as long as I live. My 30s did bring me a fair bit of sadness, but all in all I feel like I grew and learnt that what matters is how I face adversity, and not let myself believe that I am at the mercy of fate. I know I cannot control what happens to me (the death of my son being the most obvious example of that), but I can choose how I want to live a life that contains not only joy, but also frustration, sadness and loss. And I chose then, and choose now, to live a happy life, not because only happy things happen to me, but because I choose to live that way despite of the bad things that happen to me and around me. This has been the major lesson I learnt during my 30s, and it is priceless.

So, to celebrate the year I turn 40, I decided I wouldn’t restrict celebrations to just one day (my birthday). I want to celebrate year round – and why? Again, because I can. I gave it a lot of thought and decided that I am going to run (or walk, if that is the case) a 10k race every month this year, starting on March 4th. I will be three months and a bit post-partum, so I’m being gentle with my goal setting. I want to complete each new 10k I run in less time than the previous one. I’m not setting a specific time goal, but I want to know that I will be improving with each month of training and experience.

In the year I turn 40, I also want to finally release the knitting pattern I designed. It is written, tech edited and tested by lovely knitters. The only thing missing: layout, exporting the pdf and releasing it on ravelry. I hope setting this goal and sharing it with you will keep me accountable and help me achieve it.

Another goal of mine is to grow the air Embroidery Club. It has been running for four years now and it has grown, but not as steadily as I would like. This year, I want to introduce a few changes that will make it easier for members to join and have an overall better experience.

I also want to start selling some of the embroidered originals I have. These were made with love and care, and I think it’s time for them to find joy in new homes.

How about you? Did you make a recap of your 2017? Did you set goals for 2018? Please share in the comments, or send me an e-mail.

Happy stitching, and happy 2018!

This post is part of a series of essays I intend to write and publish, with the goal of (re)creating, even if only for myself, the sense of space we once used to have in blogs. If you want to follow along, you can check back this space or read posts directly in your e-mail inbox. Read the first personal essay here.

Patterns, patterns

Patterning, what a great Friday activity.

A few weeks ago we went to Cirque du Soleil and today this #pattern happened #illustration #cirquedusoleil #acrobat

These are a few screen captures of patterns I’ve been designing lately. There’s something about repetition that makes me happy – maybe it’s the harmony found in a seamless repeat.

These designs have been created without a specific end in mind. But I would certainly like to share them with the world. So far I have shared patterns on my Spoonflower shop, but I would like to find larger-scale partnerships. Where would you like to see my patterns? Do you know of any brands I could approach for a partnership?

Thank you for your feedback and help!

Designing patterns is always fun. Where would you use this one? #pattern #design #illustration #airdesignstudio

This #pattern was a happy surprise. #airdesignstudio

Adoro desenhar padrões. Para mim, há algo que me traz muita satisfação quando desenho um módulo que se repete num padrão. Não sei bem explicar o quê, mas desconfio que poderá ser a harmonia da repetição?

Estes padrões foram criados sem ter um fim específico em mente. Contudo, gostaria muito de os poder partilhar com o mundo (o universo! 😉 ). Até ao momento tenho disponibilizado alguns padrões na minha loja Spoonflower, mas adoraria fazer parcerias mais amplas, com uma escala maior, para chegarem até mais pessoas. E aqui pergunto-vos: onde gostariam de ver estes padrões? Conhecem alguma marca ou empresa que possa abordar para uma possível parceria?

Obrigada pela vossa ajuda!

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New patterns available


Happy Friday to you!

There are some new patterns available over on my Spoonflower studio. A few swatches arrived earlier this week and, as usual, Spoonflower did not disappoint me. I won’t lie to you: I would love to design a whole collection for a larger brand. But while I’m taking steps to achieve that dream, I love that Spoonflower offers indie designers, like me, a chance to print and sell my own designs on fabric. From my experience, they have always offered a great quality and customer service, so if you like my designs, please consider ordering!

Thank you for your support: it is thanks to you that I can keep doing what I love.

Have a great weekend, and see you next week!



Boa sexta-feira!

Hoje quero partilhar convosco que tenho mais alguns padrões disponíveis na minha loja no Spoonflower. Chegaram esta semana uma série de amostras, e, como de costume, a impressão não me desiludiu. Não vou mentir: um dos meus sonhos é desenhar toda uma colecção de tecidos para uma empresa grande, mas enquanto isso não acontece estou a adorar a possibilidade que o Spoonflower me dá – a mim e a muitos designers independentes – de imprimir e vender os meus padrões. A minha experiência com eles tem sido excelente, desde a qualidade de impressão ao atendimento ao cliente. Por isso, se gostarem de algum padrão, façam uma encomenda!

Desde já vos agradeço, pois é graças ao vosso apoio que posso continuar a fazer o que mais gosto.

E já que amanhã é Sábado… bom fim-de-semana!


New pattern: It’s Winter!

It's Winter!

Here’s my new surface pattern, to which I gave the name “It’s Winter!”.

There is a story behind this design: in the end of November, temperature in Lisbon dropped (a lot) and my studio mate and I hadn’t yet purchased a space heater. One day, I was freezing here in the studio, icicles instead of hands and feet, and I started to fantasize about all my hand knits – and wearing them all at the same time.

I have, indeed, explored my full collection of hand knits (remember I didn’t need them during my three Panamanian years!) and worn them all, several times, though not at the same time. We have bought a space heater in the meantime, and now the good weather is inside our studio.

How do you like the pattern above? And where would you use it? See more patterns here and here.

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“As Cumplicidades do Bairro” poster

As Cumplicidades do Bairro

This is a new piece created for a seminar about the “complicities of the neighbourhood”, with a very intended pun that works in english, too, about the many “cities” contained inside a city.

It will be held in Lisbon, next January 22nd, so if you are interested this is the moment to sign up.

I loved doing this and working with my client and friend Filipa R., who is organizing it.

New abstract pattern

New pattern!

Another new pattern! This one was inspired on some studies I was developing for a completely different project. Suddenly I looked at my sketchbook and felt this would work as a pattern.

Where would you use it?

My patterns on fabric

My patterns!

My patterns!

My patterns!

Remember my “September, month of Patterns” project? You, my lovely readers, were fantastic giving me input all month-long and helping me make a selection to have printed on fabric.

The first batch of patterns is already up over at my Spoonflower shop.

I had a little problem with my local mail service and the wonderful Spoonflower team immediately rushed a new set of swatches to me, at no extra cost. They were fantastic, quick to respond, exceeded all my expectations in service and also quality. (Thank you, Spoonflower, you guys rock!)

So, head on over to my Spoonflower shop for some alternative holiday shopping! And: would you like to see more patterns for sale? On different surfaces? Would you like to see wrapping paper, wall decals? Thank you for your feedback!

Quem ajuda?

O projecto-desafio do padrão diário, do qual aqui vos falei, terminou com o mês de Setembro. E agora, caríssimos leitores, preciso da vossa ajuda. Quero escolher um para imprimir em tecido. A votação já está a decorrer no facebook, vamos abri-la aqui também na caixa dos comentários?

Day 30

Day 30

Today is the last day of September – and so it is the last day of the Month of Patterns. This was a fun project to work on. This does not mean goodbye to pattern: there will certainly be new designs, only not on a daily basis.

Today we celebrate the impending arrival of October and its Autumn rain in the northern hemisphere, as well as Spring showers in the south. Rain does not need to be grey!

I would love to see this colorful rain cut in the bias, with some solids as combinations for the reverse.

Where would you use this pattern? How would you combine it?

Day 29

Day 29

Day 29

I find myself to be intensely inspired by triangles and their versatile combinations. While designing this pattern, I liked many previous versions of it and felt unsure of which to publish.

I think that this pattern could be combined – say, in a cushion – with this one, on the reverse side:

Day 29

What do you think? Would you combine them? How would you use them?

Day 28

Day 28

Day 28

It’s almost October and this daily pattern project is approaching its end. It has been so much fun!

This is today’s pattern. I think that more than ever I am in love with triangles and their versatile combinations, resulting in totally different patterns.

Where would you use today’s pattern?