The blog is archived

Hello my Dear Readers,

After much thought and consideration, I have decided to stop publishing on this blog. This has been quite a difficult decision, and yet an easy one at the same time. I have seen that I now seldom have the chance to update this blog with the love that was once possible. On the one hand, a busier digital life is happening somewhere else (like Instagram or, better yet, my newsletter). On the other hand, the feeling of not being able to deliver as much value in this format.

If you want to keep in touch and reading what I write, I invite you to sign up for my mailing list and receive my newsletter, where I write letters to friends (and not so much blog posts), where I share what I have been up to and things that capture my interest, as well as news about embroidery and knitting patterns that I have published and available for sale and news about my work as a designer, illustrator and animator. I hope you like it there!

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Enjoy the archives below! You can browse posts from the time when I lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina; or dispatches written from Panama City, Panama. Or all about my love for my hometown of Lisbon, Portugal.

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  1. Hello Air,

    I’m glad I had the opportunity to read your old posts, I found it amazing how you express yourself and how you built it over the years …

    It’s true that nowadays new trends are emerging and we have to explore the new and adapt… I really understand your choice! I’m happy and intend to register to receive the letters!

    If you write here again, I’ll be happy to see a notification.

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