Month: March 2016

Mending visibly with embroidery


A few days ago, I was running late to my yoga class – a project for a new client had just landed on my desk and I was caught in a meeting with my partner. So when I left for yoga, I didn’t have the time I usually allow myself to get there on my calm pace: I had to run!

But at some point I felt something stopping me on my tracks. At first, I didn’t quite understand what had just happened to me. But then I realized my lovely, long, feels-like-a-warm-hug-sleeping-bag cardigan got caught in a parked car. I wanted to sob! This has been my go-to cardigan ever since I got it, and although it isn’t handmade, I love it almost as much as if it were.

Há uns dias, ia eu para a minha aula de yoga um pouco em cima da hora, senti um puxão no meu casaco. Não!! Tinha ficado preso num carro! Foi com absoluto horror que olhei para o meu casaco-que-mais-parece-um-saco-cama (de tão confortável que é) e vi que tinha um grande buraco lá no meio. Apeteceu-me chorar!

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Try the air Embroidery Club – free!

An animated view of the making of our February 2016 project at the air Embroidery Club.

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Hi everyone, this week I decided to shake things up a bit here.

To be very transparent, I’ve been working hard to grow the air Embroidery Club. This is a project I truly, deeply believe in, because it not only challenges me to learn and create new things (and, hopefully, other members, too), it creates a lovely community where experiences and techniques are shared and new friendships are forged.

At its inception, I thought that the Club would be a good way to share with others what I’m passionate about: the power of creating beauty around you with your own hands; slowing down and carving time to be with one’s own thoughts; the enjoyment of the process and the gratification given by the final product. And mostly: taking care of yourself and your well-being through beauty and calm.

But now, two and half years later, I see that it’s so much more than that: it’s about sharing inspiration and experiences; it’s about feeling empowered to try new (to us) techniques, to connecting dots in a new way. It’s about meaningful connection in this online world.

Because I would like to share this with all of you, I want to invite you to join the air Embroidery Club free for the first month. At the end of the first month, you get to decide whether you join for six months (60€+VAT) or twelve months (100€+VAT) or not. How about that?

Start your free trial today.

P.S. Above you can see last February’s embroidery in the making.


Olá, olá! Esta semana trago-vos algo de diferente… deixem-me explicar. 🙂

Para ser transparente convosco, tenho feito grandes esforços no intuito de fazer crescer o Clube de Bordado air. Este é um projecto em que acredito, porque não só me leva a experimentar e aprender coisas novas (e aos outros membros, espero, também), como também cria uma comunidade onde a partilha de várias experiências e técnicas nos enriquece a todos.

No início, pensei que o Clube seria uma boa forma de partilhar as minhas paixões convosco, a saber: o poder de criar beleza à nossa volta, com as nossas próprias mãos; abrandar o ritmo frenético dos nossos dias para, com um bordado nas mãos, nos sentarmos com agulha, fio e os nossos pensamentos; a alegria do processo e a gratificação de chegar ao produto final. Mas sobretudo, o poder de cuidarmos do nosso bem-estar através de intencionalmente criar beleza e calma à nossa volta.

Dois anos e meio volvidos, noto que o Clube traz muito mais que isso: traz partilha de experiências, de técnicas e de conhecimentos; traz uma sensação de satisfação ao experimentarmos coisas que antes não pensávamos poder fazer, relacionando diferentes elementos de formas novas para nós. Mas, sobretudo, o Clube promove um ambiente de amizade entre os membros, unidos pela sua paixão comum.

Quero poder partilhar isto com todos vocês, e por isso faço aqui o convite para se juntarem ao Clube de Bordado air de forma gratuita durante o primeiro mês. No final do primeiro mês, poderá decidir se quer aderir durante seis meses (60€+IVA) ou doze meses (100€+IVA), ou não. Que tal?

Experimente o Clube de Bordado grátis no primeiro mês!

P.S. Acima, uma animação com o “making of” do bordado de Fevereiro passado.  

The “Lisbon Series”, a series of embroideries at the air Embroidery Club

Just now, in my neighborhood. #Lisbon #lisboa

Necessity is the mother of invention: I couldn't see through this fabric so this is what I came up with. Not the most convenient #embroidery choice but it appears to be working! #airembroideryclub #airembroideryecourse

This is what my #embroidery project for the #airembroideryclub looks like after stitching for a while. It's weird, but appears to be working.

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Who knew (I didn’t) that these sketches I’ve been filling my sketchbook with would become a series? I didn’t see it coming, but I’m glad I noticed a trend in my embroidery projects and decided to act on it.

Last January at the air Embroidery Club we stitched a sketch I made (and adapted for embroidery) just outside my studio. It’s not a fancy monument, or one of our beautiful city’s ex-libris. Quite the contrary: it’s a simple, everyday life scene, one depicting what makes living here such a pleasure. It was made right outside of my studio: we have a little square with a garden, two kiosks (I know, we’re spoiled!) with a few tables and chairs for people to have their “bica” (espresso) and read the paper. Read more