Blankets for the twins




These two abbrigate* blankets have flown away to their new home in Sweden, waiting in anticipation for the twins’ arrival. I can’t wait to meet you, Sweeties!

Both blankets are made with cotton, and have cotton flannel as batting. The hand embroidery plays with the patterns; on the reverse side, a message for my dear friend R.’s soon-to-be-born babies.

I can’t wait to see the twins wrapped in their new blankets!





Estas duas mantas bordadas abbrigate* já voaram até à Suécia e estão ansiosamente à espera do nascimento dos seus donos, os gémeos filhos da minha amiga R. Ambas as mantas são de algodão, com recheio de flanela de algodão, bordadas à mão.

Estou ansiosa por ver os gémeos embrulhados nas suas mantinhas!

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