Creativity Series: Camilla Tincati

Lufthansa - Flying over the Dolomiti
Image: Lufthansa flying over the Dolomiti, by Alessandro Gottardo, Shout.

Hello everyone!

Today we celebrate the Three Wise Men and, with it, the end of the Holiday Season. It was a fantastic couple of weeks but I’m also very happy to be back to work.

You may be asking why? And that is because today I will share with you Camilla Tincati’s view of creativity. Camilla is a medical doctor and a scientist working at the Department of Health and Sciences of the University of Milan. She is also a friend of a friend, and we met last Summer, here in Lisbon, for an evening of lots of conversations. I had a lot of fun meeting Camilla and Alex (her husband and author of the wonderful illustration above, you can check Alex’s portfolio here) and am very happy to share her view on this topic I am so passionate about.

Thank you, Camilla and Alex, for your thoughts and wonderful art!


Creativity is finding a way to overcome an obstacle, inventing a tool to solve a problem.

Creativity is the essence of mankind, it is what makes us different from other species.

Creativity is conceiving an idea.


Thank you, Camilla! Loved reading your view, specially where you state – and I fully agree – that creativity is the essence of mankind.

Have a great 2014, Camilla, Alex and everyone!

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