New pattern: It’s Winter!

It's Winter!

Here’s my new surface pattern, to which I gave the name “It’s Winter!”.

There is a story behind this design: in the end of November, temperature in Lisbon dropped (a lot) and my studio mate and I hadn’t yet purchased a space heater. One day, I was freezing here in the studio, icicles instead of hands and feet, and I started to fantasize about all my hand knits – and wearing them all at the same time.

I have, indeed, explored my full collection of hand knits (remember I didn’t need them during my three Panamanian years!) and worn them all, several times, though not at the same time. We have bought a space heater in the meantime, and now the good weather is inside our studio.

How do you like the pattern above? And where would you use it? See more patterns here and here.

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