Creativity Series: Paulo Romeiro


This week, we read Paulo Romeiro’s view of Creativity. I’m excited to share his view with you, because his professional background is in Business – not Arts related at all! But I agree with him: creativity is not exclusive of the arts, creativity is about something else.

Thank you, Paulo, for sharing your view!


I do not work in an area related to art, architecture or design, but I consider myself a very creative person.

For me, creativity is the ability to find solutions to a problem.

Unfortunately I feel that creativity is too associated with having original ideas, to invent something that did not exist before, to make a revolution in a specific department, to make a big innovation; and while true, it does not occur often.

I work in Business management and use creativity to create solutions for solving problems. I focus on providing value to our customers, satisfying a specific need or solving a problem they have. All this by providing good quality product/service, at a competitive cost, with good financial return. It’s easier said than done and requires a lot of problem solving.

And when our customers are satisfied, repurchases our product and recommends our product to their friends, family and colleagues, originality does not matter. What matters is that their problem was solved.

This (solving a problem) might be by bringing something from one country to another (exporting Via Verde to the world), might be doing what others are doing better (H3 vs. McDonalds) or indeed creating a revolution by looking to a category from a new perspective (iPhone).

So any person that is solving problems is a creative person, because he or she is creating a solution.


Thank you, Paulo!

Paulo works as a Business and Team Leader; in his spare time, he loves skiing, cooking and playing musical instruments. And… he’s also my husband!

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