This is my happy face.

Brush on paper and digital self-portrait (

This is my happy face. I’m going on vacation.

This is funny: when I lived in Panama, where there are only two seasons, wet and dry, I never minded working through school vacation time. Schools had longer holidays during the months of January and February, and a shorter break in July.

Working through those slower months was actually a pleasure: there was something in the air that said those were different days.

Fast forward to the last three months, high summer here in Lisbon. Working during these three months? Not easy.

I’m not completely sure what it is, but it may be the feeling that the longer, warmer days are finite and last about a minute; winter, on the other hand, lasts for what seems like years. (And we can hardly complain. Winter is not incredibly cold here, although it certainly feels that way.)

Anyway, I’m excited to announce that we are, indeed, going to be taking a break next week, and therefore we will be actually be taking a mini summer vacation.

I’ll be bringing my embroidery along (October’s Embroidery Club template being stitched right now) and as many books as my hand luggage will allow. Here we go!

That’s why you see my happy face above! (Check out this week’s first portrait, too. It’s’s Raquel and it will soon be over there too.)

Have a great week and see you soon!


Esta é a minha cara de felicidade. E porquê? Porque vou de férias!

Depois de um Verão de trabalho, na próxima semana vou estar a descansar, a bordar, ler e passear.

É estranho pensar que quando vivia no Panamá não me fazia confusão trabalhar durante as férias escolares. Mas aqui? Ui. O Verão de trabalho foi duro, talvez pela sensação de que os gloriosos dias luminosos são finitos e duram um minuto, mais coisa, menos coisa; já o Inverno dura anos inteiros, ou pelo menos assim o parece.

Daí vem a minha excitação: na semana que vem estarei a ler, bordar (o projecto de Outubro do Clube de Bordado), passear, a dar mergulhos e a gozar o fim do Verão. E isso é bom!

Para além da minha cara contente, esta semana fiz também o retrato da minha amiga Raquel, que muito brevemente estará no

Tem uma excelente semana e até breve!

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