Discovered this unfinished #embroidery from years ago. It was made after a #Swedish postage #stamp, in #cross #stitch. I think I love it.

And the #template! #embroidery

One of the good things about moving (actually, moving back home) is the opportunity to look at stored boxes as time capsules. Today I happened to open my old – let’s call it vintage instead – embroidery bag. I found inside an unfinished embroidery project, probably about 20 years old.

When I saw it, I felt taken by emotion. I remember it exactly, I remember why it remained unfinished (just a few stitches to go, actually). I think I realized, after all this work, that I started it too close to the border. The pattern was taken from a stamp my friend R. sent me from Sweden, when both of us were teenagers and I can’t remember how the design ended in the original source.

What I know now is that I want to finish it and do something with it. Do you have any suggestions? Maybe apply it on a quilt? Maybe make a border out of another material and frame it?

What do you think?

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