Changes! Issue 33 is here

We're in Panama, issue 33

Issue 33 of “We’re in Panama!” is here. This will be the last number of the zine under that name, because, as you may already know if you follow my instagram or flickr feeds (or my life blog, in portuguese), we are currently relocating to Lisbon.

Part of our islamic heritage, azulejos (ceramic tiles) are a beautiful, decorative and story telling technique, with a very broad usage throughout Portugal. This issue’s illustrations are inspired by its visual language, and I hope you enjoy reading it.

On a more personal note, February was a very busy month lifewise – house hunting, packing and moving all happened in just a couple of weeks. We are now slowly settling in our hometown of Lisbon.

I am now faced with the fact that the zine can no longer be titled “We’re in Panama!”. So, my dear reader, I ask for your help finding a new name for it. Please read this issue and leave me your suggestions below.

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Hope you enjoy International Women’s Day and have a wonderful weekend.

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