My patterns on fabric

My patterns!

My patterns!

My patterns!

Remember my “September, month of Patterns” project? You, my lovely readers, were fantastic giving me input all month-long and helping me make a selection to have printed on fabric.

The first batch of patterns is already up over at my Spoonflower shop.

I had a little problem with my local mail service and the wonderful Spoonflower team immediately rushed a new set of swatches to me, at no extra cost. They were fantastic, quick to respond, exceeded all my expectations in service and also quality. (Thank you, Spoonflower, you guys rock!)

So, head on over to my Spoonflower shop for some alternative holiday shopping! And: would you like to see more patterns for sale? On different surfaces? Would you like to see wrapping paper, wall decals? Thank you for your feedback!

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