Celebrating Side Projects and Entrepreneurship

Polka dots, always. #embroidery

Hi everyone! As you can see, needles are unstoppable here in the studio and there are always new products coming up.

I just wanted to share a link with you: sometime ago, I was asked to contribute with an article to the blog “On the Side Project”. Here, entrepreneurs share the stories of how they started their side projects and how their ideas progressed with time and effort.

In the article I wrote, I told the story of abbrigate*’s inception, as well as how I started the zine I write and publish monthly, called “We’re in Panama!”.

You may read the article here and check out the latest issue of my zine here.

I would love to hear from you: how did you start your own side projects? If you haven´t (yet), do you have a dream you still want to make real?

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