The zine is two years old!

We´re in Panama, issue 25

The second anniversary of “We´re in Panama!” is upon us and this is the celebratory issue number 25. I am happy that we – the zine and I – have come this far and am looking forward to going on publishing a zine a month for the next few months. Let´s see where this project takes me!

To celebrate this milestone, I´m inviting all readers – that means you! – to send me photos of them reading the zine, wherever in the world that would be. Please mail them to me or post them on the facebook page until August 1st. The best photo will receive a good mail day – and who doesn´t like to receive good, old fashioned mailed packages?

Next issue will be about attending ICON7, the illustration conference, in Providence, Rhode Island, in June. I hope to publish it before leaving for my vacation, in mid July.

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