This close to my heart

My knitting is this big. Chamamos-lhe Ovelha Avó.

Life has been full, with two large projects and several smaller ones. They fill me with joy. A bit like this crazy knitted blanket you see above: you knit and knit (well, I knit and knit) and you (I) just see the volume increasing, a large ball taking shape on your lap (mine, actually), the ball giving way to what looks and feels like a sheep (minus the smell), not having a clue of how large it actually is. The pattern – Elizabeth Zimmerman´s Pi Shawl – is very flexible to modifications and can go to infinity and beyond, may you wish to keep knitting for years. Provided you have enough yarn to put in it.

Well, I certainly did have enough yarn to make a blanket that now seems to have about 2.5 meters in diameter (I must get a large enough bed to put it to use) and pacifically ignored the fact that it´s too hot in Panama to ever, ever need a woolen blanket on my bed (or sofa, for that matter).

I don´t care: I have knitted a sheep, a very large one, for a very long time now. It has been with me through good times and not so good ones; and some days I didn´t even find the courage to actually hold the needles and yarn in my sweaty hands. But now I´m happy it is coming to an end and I will finally be able to completely unfold it and admire my work, for the first time.

A bit like life: we can only fully appreciate a situation when it is over.

(Who knew that knitting lent itself to life metaphors?)