Mexico in my heart

"...and your address is, please?" #méxicodf

A city with a local "cafebrería" has to be one of a kind. So is #méxicodf

"tout chocolat". Need I say more? #méxicodf

Inside Mercado Medellín, #méxicodf

There's beautiful type everywhere. #méxicodf

I´m back from Mexico, but I guess my heart is still there. When I need inspiration, I look at the images I caught of beautiful buildings, streets, fountains, type, pattern, you name it. I loved it so, so much, what a beautiful place.

Now, I´m no longer accustomed to that crazy low humidity level, people! 🙂 (Which makes me think of my friend J., who, no longer in Mexico, could not picture washing hands without immediately moisturizing them – now I get it.)

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