Yesterday, at the Bazar

All set! #bazar #panamá

My view at the #bazar

Yesterday was a good day! Being at the Bazar, showing my embroidered baby blankets and knitted cowls to people was a very good experience. I always thought of myself as a lousy salesperson, but I´m slowly realize that sales are much more a relationship than a hard sell. At least, that was the way I felt it: I explained, as I would explain to a friend, what the blankets were about, the mix of traditions they embody, the love and care put into every stitch, the combination of colours and patterns.

It was utterly exhausting, that´s for sure, but it was also very rewarding. There´s no doubt that seeing the blankets personally, being able to feel their textures and appreciate their colours, has no comparison whatsoever with seeing photos on a screen. There´s one shade of blue that simply cannot be photographed without morphing into a greenish hue; seeing it is a whole different experience.

So, with all its issues and adventures, participating in this Bazar was a rewarding and fulfilling experience, and I hope it´s the first of many presences and interactions with the public.

Unrelated: I´m taking a short blog break to relax and will be back after Easter. See you then!

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