Issue 22 of “We’re in Panama!” is here

We´re in Panama, issue 22

I can´t believe it´s the 22nd issue already, but it certainly is! This month, we talk about how photography, and the act of snapping a shot has changed over the last few years. This, of course, in light of my newfound love for Instagram, the iPhone app that lets us take ordinary photos and make them look extraordinary because of their vintage filters. It also says a lot about how we miss old style photography, but do not want to give up the instantaneous sharing modern devices give us.

Well, why don´t you see it for yourself? You can download it here and read past issues here.

And, out of curiosity, what´s your take on photos of coffees with froth-leaves? Or floors with inward facing feet? There´s a trend there, isn´t it?