Two things

Embroidering for

1. I fell in love with Instagram. Instantly. As soon as setting up my account was ready and I took my first picture, bam, I was addicted. Fantastic application that opens a whole new world, where social networks and beautiful images meet. My username, like in twitter, is air_billy, may you want to check it out.

2. I´m preparing abbrigate* baby blankets for the upcoming Market at Club Unión, here in Panamá, on the 29th of March. I´m trying very hard to diversify and have some clearly for girls, others clearly for boys, and as many as possible gender neutral blankets. Please leave your suggestions for colour combinations you´d like to see represented in the comments section.

And, if you´re around, please show up! These are the details Bazar at Club Unión, Salón Las Perlas, 29/3, from 3pm to 10pm. Looking forward to meeting you there!

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