Coming up: Bazar en el Club Unión, Panamá

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These are great news: we´ll be present at Club Unión´s upcoming Market on March 29th, from 3pm to 10pm. We´ll be there with an assortment of baby blankets, so if you´re curious to check them out personally, do show up and say hi.

We´re now on full force preparing our presence there, embroidering and sewing baby blankets. We make every effort to embrace diversity by making some blankets gender neutral, as well as those that are clearly for baby boys or girls. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for colour combinations, your feedback is very much appreciated.

See you at: Bazar at Salón Las Perlas, Club Unión, Paitilla, Panamá, on March 29th, 3pm to 10pm. Tickets are $7.


El 29 de Marzo próximo estaremos en el Bazar del Club Unión, con las mantitas para bebé que acá aprecian. Esperamos su visita! Los detalles son: 29/3, Salon Las Perlas, Club Unión, Paitilla, Panamá, de 3pm a 10pm.


Pela primeira vez, vamos estar representados no Bazar do Club Unión, aqui no Panamá. É uma excelente oportunidade para estarmos com os nossos clientes e também mostrar ao vivo e a cores a ampla escolha de mantas para menina, menino, e também unissexo. Apareçam! É já a 29 de Março, entre as 15h e as 22h, no Salón Las Perlas do Club Unión, aqui no Panamá. Até lá!

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