A new portrait and a goal for 2012

After the 2011 goals wrap up the other day, it´s time I share one of my goals for this year. I wanted to try it for one month and then work it up, but I feel it is now quite my habit to begin my working day with some minutes (or some hours) on the balcony, painting.

My hardest-to-keep-up-with-goal for 2012 is, therefore, to paint every workday (not on weekends, not on vacation). My main medium is acrylic on canvas, which I love for its plasticity and lack of smell (compared to oil). I´m working on portraits and this is my second one for the year.

Clara´s portrait, finished

This is my youngest niece and it was the hardest portrait so far. But all the effort was worth it, as her verdict was positive: when I showed it to her, she recognized herself and said, “É a Cainha!”. This auntie melted (even more).

If you want to see process shots, head on over to flickr.

My next portrait is the first ever (for me) with the subject facing sideways… so there´s a nose!