2011 goals, a wrap up

Setting goals seems to be an activity for the beginning of the year, as much as accounting for the old goals seems to be pertinent in December. I felt that urge to share my goals, too, but decided to save it for a bit later, to let things calm down.

Now, after having my birthday last week (February 8th! And yes, I love celebrating my birthday!), it feels like the right time to write this post.

So, first for the 2011 goals, which you can read about here.

1. Sew a finish a quilt.

Quilt, almost finished

Quilt: hand sewing the binding to the back.
No, not really. Not in 2011, but it was my crafty project for 2012. I decided to go for a “+” pattern, which didn´t make my life easier, being a beginner and all. Still, I´m very happy about the result and now have the skills to make a – let´s put it this way – less misaligned quilt top next time. I´m just about to finish hand-sewing the binding to the back and I am in love with it, quirks and imperfections and all.

2. Sew a garment for me.

I did it myself!

Yes, I did. I copied it from a top I own and love and tried to replicate it with some success. I learnt a lot in the process and feel that I have a lot to improve. Sewing my own clothes is not my first choice of sewing activities, since I consider myself a rookie, but I see it happening again in the future.

3. Have my own art show.

My first solo art show!

Yes! This was a fun, one day event at Junglewood gallery in Casco Viejo, Panamá. It happened in the context of Artblock, and I had a lot of fun – and even sold a painting! (Hi, Jimmy from Texas!)

4. Learn a new language.
Unfortunately, no. I love learning languages and after the ones I already know (portuguese, spanish, english, french and german) I wanted to change paradigm and learn hebrew. I thought that having a strong jewish community in Panama City would make it easier, but alas, it didn´t. Unfortunately there are no open classes. Strengthening my german knowledge was my plan b, but unfortunately there is no Goethe Institut in Panama and there are no classes available for my level.

5. Learn to surf.
Yes! Oh, this was so much fun. We took classes at El Palmar Beach, 95km east of Panama City. I slept like a baby after classes! Yay, endorphin!

6. Make a new friend.
Yes! More than one, which is probably one of the advantages (and, paradoxically, pitfalls) of living in a different city than the one we come from.

7. Publish my own illustrated children´s book.
Unfortunately, not yet. Maybe this year?

8. Invest more time illustrating than graphic designing.

When skyping with my nieces, I am usually requested to illustrate what they are telling my about. Say, for instance, one is learning to play the xylophone, then I must draw a xylophone. The same with rabbits, swimming pools, swimming suits,… So, even when I´m not working, I´m illustrating – which is good!

Yes. With all the zines plus the projects and commissions I had in 2011, more time was spent illustrating than graphic designing. What is more, when graphic design commissions came along, illustration crept in (pertinently and successfully).

9. Exercise regularly.
Yes. In different degrees throughout the year, but regular exercise nevertheless.

10. Improve my meditation skills.
This was a huge challenge for me and I can say that yes, I improved my meditation skills. I went from hating into enjoying the time spent trying to meditate. So, success.

11. Design my own fabric.
This is a not yet. I want it to happen!

12. Refresh my math skills.
No, unfortunately not. I didn´t seem to make the time for it, though I miss the agility studying and practicing mathematics gave my brain. Maybe this year?

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