Happy Holidays!

This year, Christmas was a bit different for us. Instead of heading over to the other side of the pond, we went skiing in Colorado. We started off with a couple of days in Denver, not only to adjust to the temperature (and lack of humidity!) but also to attend a couple of shows.

We started with a visit to the Denver Art Museum:

Denver Art Museum

Inside the DAM

The Denver Capitol

And around:

In Denver

Then we left for Vail, where the holidays were in full swing:

Christmas in Vail, CO

We skied…
One day I want to ski like he does.
(he rocks!)

…saw the snow coming down…
The snow! It´s snowing!

It. Was. Cold.
(not a self-portrait, as proven by the reflexion on my goggles; P. took this photo)

…had wonderful meals!
Who wants some lobster miso?

Delicious sushi

I hope your holidays are full of happy moments.

Christmas tree of sorts

And I also thank you for your company, my dear readers. Cheers to 2012, may it be a wonderful year!

(Wait! Before the New Year, the December zine will be live, so please come back!)

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