Baby blanket X (detail)

Baby blanket IX

October and November have been very busy; I´m not complaining, though, as I always prefer to have a lot of work than to have no work at all.

I´m mainly working on a project, soon to be launched, with a partner here in Panama and a huge slot of time is being taken with executive decisions that keep me away from lines, shapes and colours. I´m having a lot of fun and look forward to telling you all about it, but it sure has been busy.

November is the month when Panamanians celebrate their independence days (from Spain and from Colombia), so many holidays are happening and the city is empty. I´m taking the opportunity to get my hands on embroidering some baby blankets for abbrigate* (which you can see above) and for some illustrations as well, during the down-ish time I´m having.

Have a wonderful week, everyone, and thanks for stopping by.