Challenges and strategies

Procissão da Sra. dos Navegantes em Armação de Pêra, Algarve

Living abroad is not always easy, specially when you find cultural shock wherever you look. On difficult days, I try to remember my wonderful vacation back home in Portugal, sweet moments with my nieces or lazy days at the beach. I look at pictures of my favourite places, moments and foods (lots of them!) just to remember how it felt, that day, to be there, enjoying that moment, or feeling the anticipation of a delicious meal.

Then I come back to reality, with a bit more appetite for the project I must finish (or even start) and renewed strenght to face the challenges of dealing with cultural differences.

Do you live abroad? Even if you don´t, do you feel cultural shock(s)?

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  1. Andrea says:

    I used to lived abroad, and I was always looking forward to coming back home (which I did, eventually)
    My adventure was shorter than yours, though.
    Hope it gets better, love you!

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