So close to my heart and yet so far

Roupa na corda

I´m sorting through the photos of my vacation in Portugal and I´m feeling so nostalgic. I love my country so, so much, and every time I return I love it even more. Hopefully, one day – not too far away – we´ll move back. Some more photos will appear soon, I promise!

Unrelated to my nostalgia, but related to the image above, I love how clothes are hung to dry. I know that it is forbidden in many countries, but I marvel at how picturesque everything looks with bed linen – or even oversized underwear – air drying. The weather, specially in the summer, is so dry and sunny it would be just wasteful (and expensive) to use a dryer. I still don´t understand the idea of tumble drying clothes and even here in Panama I only use it for bath towels and jeans, which have heavier fabrics.

I love to compare what “normal” is here in Panama and back home!

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