“We´re in Panama!”, behind the scenes

It was time for a nice behind the scenes, “making of” post about issue 11 of my e-zine. Embroidery is a time consuming, very relaxing (albeit obsessive) job, and I love it more every time I use it as a technique. I´ve used it in January´s e-zine and in baby blankets. I find that the slight serendipity of the stitches provides a beautiful character to the technique, making it very expressive.

So, to show you around a bit, it all starts with sketches:

01. sketching

I scan them and make the layout in the computer, enlarge it and print it. It´s time for transfering the page onto the cloth to be embroidered. I use a very sophisticated lightbox – the window:

02. transfering

Then it´s time to take my needle and embroidery floss out of the box and start stitching, without fear:

03. embroidering

And go on stitching…

04. embroidering continues...

… and stitching.

05. ...and continues...

All text is embroidered too. I check three times and just hope for no typos:

06. letters are embroidered too

Then on to the reverse side:

07. on to the reverse side

And a good wash in the end to remove all graphite stains:

08. washing

You can see the whole flickr set here. Just don´t miss the zine itself!


    • admin says:

      Thank you, Jesse! I had so much fun working on this issue, I think it shows. 🙂

  1. Adriana says:

    Paciência de Jó, devo dizer! Mas o resultado é absolutamente fenomenal, parabéns 🙂

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