Second portrait

Retrato II | final

March Challenge is underway here and so far it has produced very unexpected results. First, I finally tried my hand at portraits; second, and most important, I´m enjoying painting portraits very, very much. I didn´t expect that!

Then, I found out that Monday is the worst day to go and pick up the brushes. I don´t know if it is the weekend effect; I just know that I found numerous excuses not to start painting. But finally I did, and those few minutes were precious. Not only they were a bit like therapy, they were also a victory of sorts against the little red laziness devil that was threatening me. Beating that resistance was actually very rewarding – it´s amazing how difficult it is to keep good habits.

Now we´re past the middle of the month and I´m loving this self-imposed “obligation” of painting every day. It´s amazing how it is beneficial more beneficial than words can describe.


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  1. patricia says:

    I love your new site Ana! It really showcases your work so nicely.

    Whenever you get a chance email me (info at alittlehut dot com)…. You won one of the books of my giveaway! 🙂

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