Pecha Kucha Night in Panamá

Pecha Kucha Night Panamá vol.5

Pecha Kucha Night Panamá vol.5

Pecha Kucha Night Panamá vol.5

Last Wednesday vol. 5 of Pecha Kucha Night Panamá took place in the Arco Chato, in Casco Viejo. The setting, an ancient monastery in the historical centre of Panamá City, had all the ingredients to be a perfect evening. Eleven people, myself included, told a story or shared a message with the audience.

I had a lot of fun putting together a presentation about my e-zine, specially because after having asked for the readers´ collaboration I received a an assortment of pictures from around the globe. Absolutely brilliant!

More info on Pecha Kucha Panamá, Pecha Kucha Night and a list of the cities where there´s an event.

More pictures of the evening.

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