Busy week

zines, ready to be sent out


This has been a very busy week. The 100th International Women´s Day? Gone. Mardi Gras? Gone. (Coincidentally, the same day, but two different festivities that I had no time to celebrate.)

Am I complaining? No. I love having work to do, to look back and see all that I´ve produced.

It´s just that for a week with two sort of working days – Tuesday was a holiday and Monday was an unofficial day off – this has been a very, very busy week.

I did manage to squeeze a banana pie with friends into it. Failed to take pictures, though.

Above, zines being organised and getting ready to be shipped to magazines and art directors. Pick me!

P.S. My thoughts are with those affected by the earthquake and tsunami earlier today. May you heal your wounds completely.

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One comment

  1. Cris says:

    I guess we were too fast finishing up the banana pie!! Next time, we’ll make sure to take a before and after pic.. Next time… got it? 😉

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