Two more blankets

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for all your comments, likes on facebook and input about these baby blankets. This makes me so happy!

This week there are two new baby blankets. I introduce you to…

“Tenho na minha alma um sonho…”
"Tenho na minha alma um sonho..."

"Tenho na minha alma um sonho..."

Cotton with cotton flannel, just to give your baby a bit of warmth on fresher summer nights or when the air conditioning is too strong. Say you go to a restaurant or a café and your baby falls asleep on his or her stroller? There you go, a wonderful baby blanket, with a fun message on it.

It measures 87cm x 64cm (34.3in x 25.2in).

“Bonequinha feliz”
"Bonequinha feliz..."

"Bonequinha feliz..."

Like its predecessor, it´s all cotton and cotton flannel, and it is appropriate for warmer weather. It can be machine washed, with like colours. It measures 88cm x 66cm (34.6in x 26in).

To buy, send us an e-mail, visit our store or leave a message on our facebook page.

Both blankets ship from Panama. Postal service here is slow but reliable; you can also request a private courrier for your purchases. For prices and more information, you can check out our store or send us an email.

More updates soon!

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