Embroidery is the new black!

Quilted baby blanket | Manta bordada e acolchoada

I mean, the needle is the new pencil! I started embroidering a few months back, with a total and absolute lack of knowledge or experience. I fell in love with it – and the January issue of the e-zine is definitely evidence of it.

So, to cut a long story short, I adapted a concept from traditional portuguese embroidery, lovers handkerchiefs, to be exact. These were traditionally embroidered by girls whose love interests were migrating to find a better life elsewhere. They would that way declare their firm intention in sweet rhymes, mostly full of spelling mistakes (part of the charm!).

I created some different texts, dedicated this time to a little baby who will use the baby blanket.

But then, when I started the sewing part, my trouble began and I put it aside, waiting for better days. And better days arrived with my parents´ visit and my mum´s expert advice. Now I´m back on track and baby blankets are here! This is the first one (sold, thank you, I.!) but more will come soon. They are being sold under my babywear brand abbrigate*, where you can find more info.

If you want to see more photos, click here.

On a sidenote, this is almost the accomplishment of my goal #1: sew and finish a quilt. Yay! (another goal was achieved with my mum´s help – I´ll show soon!)

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