Who would guess that this would be such a long blogging break? I definitely didn´t, but it´s good to be back.

There are, obviously, news to share with you. As I´ve mentioned before, we relocated from Argentina to Panama, a tropical country where wool garments are just not needed, which means that there is no offer for yarns, let alone good quality, natural fibre yarns.

That meant that we, at abbrigate*, needed to find new raw materials for our baby products, and make them suitable for warmer climates as well as colder climates.

Without further ado, I now introduce you to our new line of quilted baby blankets. Some are made for colder seasons (with wool batting); others are made for warmer seasons (with cotton flannel).

Quilted baby blanket | Manta bordada e acolchoada

Quilted baby blanket | Manta bordada e acolchoada

A bit about the story behind these blankets: in Portugal there was the tradition of embroidering love messages on handkerchiefs (you can see some examples here), which were given by girls to their love interests, specially when they were leaving the country to go and find a better life elsewhere (mostly, Brazil).

Messages are usually very simple rhymes, featuring many ortographic mistakes – they´re part of the charm!

In our blankets, we adapted this tradition and instead of sending messages to our love interests, we wrote messages to little baby princesses and princes that come and brighten up our lives.

The pictured blanket has already been sold, but there are more being finished as we type. You can order them by just sending us an email.

More pictures here.


Para quem nos visita de Portugal, os produtos abbrigate* (Baby Kimono, Baby Vestmono e Leafy Vest) estão disponíveis na Alma Lusa (Rua de São Bento, 363, em Lisboa). Muito em breve teremos também uma liquidação de stocks, que será anunciada aqui.

Obrigada e até breve!

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