Goal #3: accomplished!

all set up

Junglewood gallery in Casco Viejo, Panama City

Getting ready

My first solo art show!

One of the 12 goals for the new year – as seen in the January issue of my e-zine – was to have my own art show. I can now happily say that I did accomplish this goal last Thursday, February 3rd, in the event Artblock Panama.

I was lucky to have been assigned a very nice gallery space in Junglewood Gallery (in calle 6, Casco Viejo, Panama City), where there would be live music with a band playing south american music.

Setting up was clean and easy and, mostly, fun. Then the show started, lots of people started coming in, taking pictures, sitting down and listening to the music and looking at my paintings. It felt good – and weird – to feel exposed like that, to walk up to people and hand out e-zines and business cards, meeting new people and making new contacts, a totally social evening, actually. It felt good, and again, weird, since I´m new in Panama and, although it´s quite a small circle, it´s a bit difficult to get into the art circuit.

Anyway, I loved the experience and I´ll definitely try and participate in other events.

And the cherry on top of the cake? I sold my first painting. It now lives happily in Austin, Texas.

Thanks to Kimberly, who gave me this opportunity, to Zita and Nathan and everyone at Junglewood gallery, to Cristina for telling me about the event (obrigada!), to everyone who showed up, to Jimmy from Texas, who enabled my first sale, and to Paulo, of course, who always helps me achieve my dreams.

More photos here.

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