Let´s be escapees?

clouds, clouds, clouds

While I draw clouds, clouds and more clouds, I´ve been listening to the wonderful podcast “Escape from Illustration Island” and the interviews its host, Thomas James, conducts.

First of all, let us all thank modern day technology that has me here, sitting alone in my studio, listening to wonderful interviews of people who have been through the same experience as me and also other people who have lots of good information and advice for me.

Then, not only interviewees have interesting testimonials to share, the questions they are asked are very pertinent too. Sometimes it feels like Thomas actually reads minds (or maybe my questions are the same as other people´s?) and asks exactly what I was thinking.

Anyway, this has been an excellent resource for me, specially now that I´ve moved to another country and need to start a new client database here, from scratch.

If you haven´t yet, I encourage you to download “Escape from Illustration Island” now. All in all, very good. Praise to Thomas!


  1. Thomas James says:

    Thanks very much for the positive review. I'm so glad you're enjoying the show. It's definitely a labor of love for me. Cheers, Thomas.

  2. Billy says:

    Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for stopping by. I´m enjoying the show very much and appreciate how much work goes into it. Thank you so much for having it available for everyone!


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