Xaile viajante


Now that I have the photos of the shawl I mentioned the other day, I´m writing a proper post about it.

It´s a mix of the Boneyard and the Travelling Woman Shawls. I needed something easy yet beautiful (emphasis on the Boneyard part) to knit while moving from Buenos Aires and walking around there finishing the last paperwork. Some mindless knitting was also needed for the airplane and some later travels around central and north America.

Moving can be… hmm, very demanding, let´s just put it this way, smile, and carry on.

To finish the shawl i wanted it to have some lacy texture, so I went for the Travelling second part. One repeat of chart A and another one of chart B and the yarn was just enough. With emphasis on the “just”.


And now I have a wonderful woollen shawl that is absolutely not needed in the tropical country I now call home.

Raveled here. More photos here.