Dia de Portugal

presente de uma amiga brasileira :)

Today, June 10th, is our national holiday. It is celebrated in Portugal with lots of speeches, free concerts and recognitions for lifetime achievements for people. Abroad, embassies and consulates usually arrange for some sort of celebration, but funnily enough there isn´t diplomatic representation here in Panamá. Not to worry, though, I can party on my own.

Funnily enough, we, the portuguese, aren´t usually very proud of our achievements as a nation and as a collective of people, but now that I live far away, the distance allows me to see that a country which celebrates its national holiday on a cultural date – the anniversary of the death of Luís Vaz de Camões, our most famous author – it´s got to be a very cool country.

Bom Dia de Portugal!

A sidenote: the flip-flops above are part of the “havaianas” special world cup collection, given to me by a dear friend. As the portuguese flags and scarves we own are stuck in a box somewhere between Buenos Aires and Panama City, I intend to wear them every single day to support my team! Força Portugal!

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