Dancing babies

dança dos kimonos
I´m designing a set of postcards for abbrigate* to convey the message that our garments are so durable and resistant that they´ll be in perfect shape to be given to someone else even after your baby has overused them and eventually outgrown them. I wrote about it here, in abbrigate*´s blog.

Talking about the illustration, though, I had so much fun coming up with the concept: I thought about “forwarding” and “pass it forward”, and then I needed an image to illustrate it. I remembered then how much I loved Henri Matisse´s representations of dancers holding hands and how using his idea and composition would be a homage paid to one of the artists I admire the most. Thinking about this painting, La Danse, I imagine huge amounts of good energy flowing through the dancers´ arms and hands into one another.

I believe that Baby Kimonos, Baby Vestmonos and Leafy Vests may flow too: when your kid has outgrown a garment, pass it forward to the next kid. Environmentally safe and financially sound!