citron shawl
I´m knitting with hemp. It sounds like a statement and it could be one: hemp is definitely a misunderstood fibre, mostly because it is plain hard to knit with. Or at least, I´m finding it rough on my fingers and am looking forward to the advertised softness that comes with machine washing.

Now, it may seem as I don´t enjoy it. I do, I really do, but this particular fibre improves with wear and wash, and, you know, I´m a slow knitter. Let´s call it a process knitter, actually, and knitting with a rough fibre is… odd.

There are plenty of positive aspects to it, though: it´s a vegetable fibre, which I like; it gets softer with use; it´s fresh enough and warm enough for my covering needs in Panama (indoor temperatures extremely low due to excessive air conditioning!); it´s easy to care for, so no hand-washing will be needed. And, mostly, I felt an urgent need to knit for myself, even if I´m moving to a tropical country where temperatures are always high and it´s summer all year round.

Pattern is Citron and my shawl is ravelled here.

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