New pattern! Meet "Bonecas"


I´m happy to share with you that I´m publishing my first ever knitting pattern! It´s Bonecas, the pattern for my ravelympics challenge, which I blogged about here.

It is a dress-slash-tunic for a five year old kid, knitted in two colours of fingering weight yarn. Any two yarns with similar weight will work for this project.

It is free to download, with all the usual restrictions: not to be sold, shared or published in forums. Items knitted using this pattern are not to be sold – you know how it goes! If you love it and want to share it, please send people here. Please write me if you spot any mistake or you want to share your thoughts on it. Happy knitting!

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  1. Jesse says:

    Congrats times two! One for creating such a lovely thing, and two for creating a pattern, which must be even harder, I think.

  2. Billy says:

    Thank you, Jesse! 🙂 Writing wasn´t the most difficult part; it was figuring out shoulder shaping, I think. I had to knit it twice (and took plenty of notes).

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