"Vale uma máquina fotográfica"

Vale uma máquina fotográfica: as duas partes juntas

This was a project made for a friend who wanted to surprise her husband on his birthday. It´s a long story: he´s a photographer and one day he went home to realize all his photographic material (lenses, cameras, filters) had been “subtracted” from his room. It was his birthday very recently and my friend wanted to surprise him, so she gathered all friends, who then chipped in for a new camera.

The postcard she asked me to design is a collage (digital type then added) and it splits in two parts (you can see how it goes here): on the left, you can see her present; on the right, all the friends´ share. She came up with the idea and I put it down on paper. It was lovely to work on this: being away from most of my friends, I love to contribute this way to their birthday celebrations!