I´ve been catching up on some TED Talks I regularly download and these are absolute no-miss:

Jamie Oliver´s take on obesity as a major public health problem and the fight against it;

Jaime Lerner´s insights on city design, mobility and sustainability, definitely a lesson worth receiving;

Stefan Sagmeister explaining the power of taking time off (I liked the example of Porto´s Casa da Música visual identity project, very interesting way of going beyond what is normal in graphic design);

and the surprising talk given by Dan Pink on the science of motivation.

They´re so inspiring that I think I really need to take a nap to absorb it all. (It´s too hot to work anyway.)

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  1. Ahimsa says:

    TED Talks are brilliant.

    I loved the one of how school kills creativity and the paradox of choice.

    There's another particularly nice on evolution theories. More than the theory itself, the speaker a grandma looking scientist, delivers it beautifully and in an enticing way.

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