Important: become a bone marrow donor

In 2008, a friend of mine got very sick with leukaemia. In 2009, the son of a friend got sick with leukaemia. The first found her way through with several doses of chemo but the kid is still struggling with it and needs a bone marrow transplant.

Like these two cases, there are lots of them, spread around the world. The good news is we can all register as bone marrow donors and our data becomes part of an international bone marrow donors database. This means that – in the event that we are compatible with someone who needs a transplant – we can be helping someone not only in our country but basically anywhere in the world. This means hope to patients and little hassle to donors.

So, to make it quick, here are a few links that answer most frequently asked questions and addresses to where to register in some countries. Please consider becoming a bone marrow donor.

Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide
World Marrow Donor Association
Informação em português
South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, US