They knew I wanted to model my latest hand-knit…

Snow isn´t the most common phenomenon in Portugal, happening every now and then in the north and mountain areas. But I guess someone knew I needed a good background for my Koolhaas hat pictures, right? Maybe not, but who cares. It was a beautiful, beautiful Sunday seeing the snow falling outside and then going for a walk and being a kid all over again. (Any Canadian reading this might be laughing their socks off, but guys, you know, this is more of a summer country than actually a winter country! Do come by in Spring, though, it´s lovely.)

Now I´m back to Lisbon and it´s cold, though not the snowy type of cold, and I´m already thinking about summer, which will begin (for me) next Sunday, back in Buenos Aires. The holiday season goes by too quick.

P.S. Photo above by my sister.

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